eMagazine by TAT Los Angeles – December 2013 (Vol. 2 No.12)

Get Higher than the Clouds

Get Higher than the Clouds

Loosely translated from the Thai, Phu Chi Fa means “hill that points to the sky,” and anyone who’s ever visited knows exactly what this means.  It is a grassy promontory atop the highest peak in Chiang Rai province’s Doi Pa Mohn mountain range, and it juts skyward and into the clouds some 1,600 meters above sea level.

Through the clouds, actually, as during the early morning hours when the nighttime starlight fades, visitors to Phu Chi Fa are treated to the sight of dawn’s golden light emerging in the east, the sun slowly rising over a sea of mist beneath them.  It’s not until later when the daylight has burned through this ocean of clouds that the beautiful and verdant valley below is exposed, and Northern Laos, other parts of Northern Thailand, and the meandering Mekong River are visible in the distance.  More >>


Phu Chi Fa in Chiang Rai

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